MIS in Military

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<p>Management Information Systems is a trigger scientific area for all aspects of life. From the business point of view, the military area is an important sector for the using of MIS. This is not only important for decisions or correct behavior of systems but regarding answer speed and connectivity with other systems. Today's military operations are similar to business systems with more complexity and more risk factors. Therefore there are implemented many software applications for a different area in the military. On the other hand, military uses a standard application as well, such as ERP, HR or inventory control.</p><p>Many operations research and planning systems were firstly implemented in the military area and then in business or industry areas. Military applications are a trigger for many areas. Today applications are the same with the using of the internet or big data, and the military is a trigger for other sectors again. This trigger can be interpreted regarding business models, concepts, national and global innovation strategies and education. The central aspect today is digitalization.</p><p>Today's military applications depend on some technological developments, one of them being information and communication technologies, which are used to digitize information and integrate systems at all stages of mission development and mission life, both inside a part of systems or cross-systems. It depends on decentralization, virtualization, interoperability, real-time capability, and service orientation. Technology trends are forming the building blocks for applications. Industry 4.0, big data and analytics, augmented reality, simulation, additive manufacturing, the cloud, cybersecurity, the (industrial) internet of things, horizontal and vertical system integration, and autonomous robots and software integration. These technologies will lead to higher efficiencies and change traditional applications for specialized applications, suppliers, producers, and customers, as well as between human and machine.</p>

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