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ERP-Related Issues and Challenges in Turkey: An Overview from ERP Experts

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posted on 2019-01-12, 21:08 authored by Gülay Ekren, Alptekin Erkollar, Birgit Oberer


The Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is an integrated information system for competitive enterprises in the era of globalization, especially for managing their activities effectively. These systems are enormously complex systems that require tremendous investment on especially consulting, training, hardware, and software within corporate time and resources. Moreover, their implementation processes often entail significant challenges, difficulties, and risks. In this paper, it is aimed to introduce the most important issues and challenges of implementing an ERP system, in both large enterprises and SMEs in Turkey. Exploratory research was conducted by using a small-scale survey among 31 ERP experts of 31 Turkish companies from different industries. The findings show that user resistance is the most compelling factor influencing ERP implementation success in Turkish companies. Additionally, lack of well- planned project duration and implementation steps, as well as inadaptability with ERP product are the other notable factors affecting native ERP implementation success.

Editor: H. Kemal İlter, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Turkey
Received: August 19, 2018, Accepted: October 18, 2018, Published: November 10, 2018

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