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posted on 2020-12-13, 16:11 authored by Imisc AdminImisc Admin

Organizational culture is a unique property of an academic field to create and boost scientific value for humanity. Our department* is established recently (2011) and we are willing to embed scientific best practices, and to create an efficient academic climate and culture in the Department of Management Information Systems specifically, in the research field of MIS generally.

With the Fifth International Management Information Systems Conference, we, as the organizing committee of the conference, try to contribute the development of MIS in Turkey with our humble efforts. If we have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

In The Book of Abstracts of the IMISC 2018, reader can find the abstracts of papers submitted, reviewed, and presented in the conference by means of various topics, viewpoints, approaches, functions and actions with the MIS perspective.

For many people, IMISC 2018 may seemed to be just an effort for sharing scientific knowledge, create MIS-focused scientific network, give some opportunities for the tenure track, or a weird way that try to create an artificial social structure. However, such opinions will also be exist in the future regardless of efforts to create a knowledge-based society.

Please check the conference full papers which are published on conference website ( and figshare portal (

Best regards,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

H. Kemal İlter, Ph.D.

Conference Chair

*Department of Management Information Systems, Business School, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Ankara, Turkey.


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