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A Case Study in an Engineering Company: Evaluation of Performances

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posted on 2019-01-13, 17:04 authored by Tinotenda Chiganze, Tunç Durmuş Medeni


Lane Engineering (LE) is an engineering firm whose main line of business is production and precise engineering. The main purpose of this study was to make a strategic analysis of LE. The study adopted and enhanced a case study which was conducted as part of a project work in Near East University in 2017. The company materials were collected by the Ph.D. student coauthor from the available public and private information sources of the company. The analysis of the study incorporated the use of the Balanced score card which is essential to determine the performance of an organization and the drivers for future performance. The Value chain was also used for the study to assess value added by separate activities in their organisation to increase competitive advantage.Also, respective suggestions other conceptual and academic issues that can be related with technology and innovation management in reality, as in the following order.

Received: August 19, 2018, Accepted: October 18, 2018, Published: November 10, 2018

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